Allowing Opportunities for Work

As a supplier or contractor, you can access BLOGIX’s Supplier’s Portal – which specialises in creating work opportunities within the building management industry. It allows for easy application for an available work order and the submission of quotes.

BLOGIX’s Supplier’s Portal allows contractors the ability to self-manage and view work orders, reduce the need of paper documents through our digital platform, and have visual transparency of communication for all relevant parties.


With our simple and convenient registration process, suppliers and contractors are able to join our database without the frustration of seeking of an audience and tedious submission of paperwork.

Our sustainable digital process helps to reduce the time and cost associated with conventional registration methods.

Work Orders

Without the restraints of a conventional software, contractors and suppliers can access appointed work orders whenever and where ever they are.

With the ease of accessibility to BLOGIX’s Supplier’s Portal, it gives unlimited opportunities for contractors and suppliers to submit quotes for projects whilst ensuring all necessary documentation has not been overlooked.

Supplier’s Calendar

On BLOGIX – we understand that work orders, quotes and overdue reminders are often overlooked or lost amongst paperwork or within a busy schedule.

This feature of the portal allows contractors and suppliers to access and view their digital calendar on the go and the ability to change and update scheduled activities accordingly.