Request for Quotes

BLOGIX provides a systematic process in which requests for quotations can be sent to contractors and suppliers, assist in tracking and housing the collection of quotes requested.

Work Orders

Work orders can be raised for multiple buildings and reconciling invoices in one easily accessible place. BLOGIX makes sending work orders hassle-free and speedier.

Defect Management

The transparent communication through BLOGIX allows for defects (ongoing or from pre-settlement inspections), repairs or building enquiries - to be lodged in one central place and distributed to the Defects Manager for rectification works.

Induction and SWMS Management

BLOGIX assists in complying to relevant WH&S legislations – where contractors or employers are required to undertake a risk analysis of proposed works and provide building management, detailed information on the prevention and control of potential risks.

Site Attendance Management

Our Site Attendance management feature acts as a register for all contractors and suppliers and allows building management to track the number of hours worked.

Preventative Maintenance System

BLOGIX’s Preventative Maintenance tool ensures building’s compliance and maintenance requirements are completed as required. The system has been designed to send reminders of upcoming schedules and ensure documentation of the process from start-to-finish.


The “Booking” feature is a secure and comprehendible function which provides an efficient means for residents to book facilities within their respective building.

Hazard Reporting

The “Hazard Report” feature of the system is used to report any physical hazards that pose as a risk to the safety of employees, stakeholders and residents or potentially harm the surrounding environment.

Activity Reports

This reporting tool allows management and relevant stakeholders to view all activities undertaken within the building and provides detailed information from document links to images of activities completed.


The event-driven Calendar has been designed to track and manage assets, suppliers, work orders and preventive maintenance schedules.


BLOGIX gives management the ability to send SMS and email notification at the ease of a click. A virtual noticeboard can also be viewed by residents and customised to informed of any events or scheduled works.

Emergency Management

This feature of BLOGIX has been designed to assist the building management in the event of an emergency. It provides a evacuation assembly point, important point of contacts and can be tailored for each individual site.

WHS Compliance

BLOGIX assists in this important aspect by ensuring all contractors and suppliers on the database are screened for all necessary documentation. This is to verify that all relevant licenses and insurances are current – prior to the commencement of work.

Parcel Management

This feature of BLOGIX assists to reduce the number of misplaced packages and theft. It optimises the security within the building by ensuring that the recipient of the delivery receives their package via specially generated codes and our messaging system.